“The function of art in our time is not solely to be looked at, it is to be experienced, intertwined with multiple disciplines, explored as a form of research. ”


Raya is an art director and concept developer, with a focus on experience event organization, fashion photography and design. Her work as a visual storyteller varies from photography and videography to performance and creative writing, and can be described as ethereal, speculative, metaphorical and full of color.

She graduated with an Honors degree at the Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Arts Maastricht (iArts, a new arts program that combines multiple artistic disciplines, academic research and entrepreneurship). In her final project ‘Pretty Exposed’, she investigated new feminism and nudity through a clothing set, magazine and dance performance, based on field research in Amsterdam and Rio de Janeiro, which launched at international fashion festival ‘FashionClash’.

As a freelancer in Amsterdam she worked on a multitude of commissioned and self-initiated theatre and dance productions as a director, producer and visual artist, such as ‘Fight or Flight’, ‘Wereldmakers’ and ‘In the Picture’, at Bijlmer Parktheatre. As co-director of the fashion/ dance collective ‘Stand Your Ground’, she set up a festival event to demystify the behind-the-scenes of the artworld in an old Amsterdam jail (Bijlmerbajes), funded by the AFK (Amsterdam Art Fund).


She is currently further defining her visual craft in the MA Design for Art Direction in London (UAL, LCC) with her love for identity construction and body art, supported by the Young Talent Award of the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund and Van Renswoude Fund.

What you can wake me up for at night:

Warm Pastel de Nata, a fresh magazine print, art libraries.


Other fascinations:

Urban dance, Italian villages, wildflowers, anything related to water and future beauty trends.

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