“The function of art in our time is not solely to be looked at, it is to be experienced, intertwined with multiple disciplines, explored as a form of research. ”


In 2017 I graduated with a B.A. degree in Interdisciplinary Arts Maastricht [iArts]; an innovative arts program that combines multiple artistic disciplines, academic research and entrepreneurship. So what does that make me? Basically, an all-over creative entrepreneur, concept developer, event organizer and fuser of multiple artists disciplines. By intertwining my skills in organization, illustration, photography, graphic design, performance, fashion design and more, with socially engaged projects in the field, I am a young and widely orientated visual artist and creative director. 


For my graduation project Pretty Exposed at iArts, I investigated the relation between modern femininity and nakedness; an expression of sexualization or rather female empowerment? Based on social research and nightlife photography in Amsterdam and Rio de Janeiro, I have designed new ways to express female pride through a clothes: attractive ánd emancipated. This resulted in a clothing collection, dance performance and magazine presented at the international festival FashionClash, next to the Bijlmer Parktheater and Ostade theater in Amsterdam. In further development of the projects content, I provided a keynote speech and gender-clothing classes at the first Gender Conference at the international high school in Erlangen (Germany). 


In my current practice as an artistic entrepreneur I mostly work on visual assignments and artistic productions. 

From initiating a new start-up called ‘META-cafe’, in collaboration with fashion designer Nine Parre and sound designer Cedric Wiegel, new interdisciplinary projects and self-developed workshops arose. During our collaboration for the project ‘Stand Your Ground’, which launched the new sustainable clothing collection by Nine, we produced a dance performance during the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week. This project is currently still under development for a new production at the Bijlmer Bajes, wherein I have the role of co-art director and producer, fashion photographer and illustrator. On further artistic notes, I often work as an illustrator and graphic designer for short-term assignments or start-up companies, such as ‘Biografisches Fotobuch’. For some occasions I take my drawings and visual ideas into space, by creating stage designs, executed for the theatre performance ‘Het Knippa Meisje’ and ‘Konfo Junior’. 


On the more productional side, I was production manager of several artistic events, such as the dance performance ‘Fight or Flight’ by Lin Wu Adams; the book reading of ‘The Return of the King’ by Ton van der Kroon; and the interactive drawing event ‘KoningsKrijt’ at cafe Blend. Currently I am working as the production manager and PR designer for the art education program ‘Wereldmakers’ in the Bijlmer Parktheater. Within this program kids are educated in multiple artistic disciplines to eventually fuse their creations into an interdisciplinary theatre play. At the same location I am working as the floormanager of the theatre. 

For my future practices I hope to continue bringing the two world of art organization and art creation closer together. As an art director I see it as my role to continue telling stories and bring art closer to our daily society. I hope that this webpage can give you an insight into my working methods - my personal key elements: collaboration and experiment! Have fun discovering the site's projects and feel free to contact me for future collaborations.


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