In collaboration with Hanna Eenhoorn, Karel Janssen,

Rocio Frenken, Cedric Wiegel

Our first assignment at iArts, block 1: research an interesting societal topic and translate that into a theatrical performance. And so we did. 5 young artists came together to dive into the topic of Nuclear Waste, since we discovered the nuclear power plant 60 kilometers away from our home. There were complains about leakages, but since Belgium desperately needs their energy, 'Tihange' continues to produce. If something would go wrong, we would all be deadly infected within 30 minutes.

A story about power, discovery and danger, translated into text, movements, props, green light installations, nuclear costumes and live music, executed in an old factory hall (Landbouwbelang Maastricht): the performance 'Beyond Our Senses' was made.

Photography by Hans Eenhoorn

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