A workshop conducted by Romeo Gongora,

in Rio de Janeiro

During the four weeks I spend investigating the (feminine) culture of Rio, I attended to a workshop in central art residency Despina. This workshop, led by Romeo Gongora with whom we created our art collective, was about determining the Brazilian identity in a utopian society. What does identity mean? How do we identify ourselves through clothes nowadays? What do we find on the streets of Rio? How would we like to see this image in a brighter future? And how can we translate that idea into a clothing collection?

Through our discussions and experiments we concluded that the future would allow identity exposure on a more horizontal level: not determining or reflecting on a class, race or gender. We would be in more physical communication with the people around us, through exchangeable and modular clothes. In contact, in movement, in fluid playfulness. 

We created a new collection made out of old clothes and tested them on the roaring, diverse streets of Rio, and during the open art exhibition of Despina on November 22nd. 

Some of the results of our future vision are displayed below.

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