What would the year 2050 look like?

This was the start-up question for the collaborative project of our class, bundling 11 stories into the self-made and last printed book called 'The Last Book'.

My story focuses on the field of future fashion - an artistic and scientific market that is in full development as we speak. What if a dress can pick up your emotions and adapt that to its color? What if a dress can charge your phone? Ideas that have been executed by young entrepreneurs already. And my personal idea: if we would be in a world where clothes reflect on our identity, always exposing the truth, how would a designer that does the opposite be perceived by society? 'The Dress of Lies' gives an insight into our possible future fashion world, wherein nanotechnology and wearable sensors expose everyone's behavior and wishes. What decisions would a courageous designer make in this future scenario?

Read up on my vision and imagination on our way of dressing in 2050 in the article below.

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