Lucid Dreaming Track - Raya vd Kroon
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During the second block of iArts year 1, we connected the field of science with the arts, creating a multi-media installation based on a neuroscientific subject. I choose for my personal fascination with the brain: dreaming. To be more specific, I investigated the neuroscientific process and current knowledge regarding lucid dreaming - having a stage of self-awareness while dreaming, so knowing you are in your own dream while sleeping.
I did an experiment to get myself into lucid dreaming, while following guided meditation before going to bed. Similar tricks are used to help people with several disorders and angsieties to face and stop their own fears represented in nightmares. To my own surprise, the meditation worked by a re-occuring orchid flower that repeated in my dream and made me aware of dreaming. A wonderful experience of ultimate freedom, that I tried to transmit into my artwork. What would you do if you were in your own brain and could experiment beyond logical borders?

For this multi-media installation I built a canopy bed, created a painting in the ceiling (referring to my own lucid dream) and an individual soundtrack experience in order to let people get into the process of Lucid Dreaming.

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