In collaboration with Rocío Frenken

"Thank you for choosing Memento Mori as your personal guidance towards the other side. We are pleased to work with you on making this journey unique and comfortable. Our work method derives from the following question: ‘How do you want to be remembered?’ "

This project is a reflection and intervention work on how different cultures around the world deal with the topic of Death. To confront the Western World with their known tragic traditions, Rocio and I created a fake funeral company: an oppertunity to collect habits from all over the world into a personal package. To set this idea off properly, we designed a brochure, wherein two examples of newly combined funerals are presented: 'Back to Mother Nature' and 'The Last Supper' (see PDF Magazine below). As CEO's of the company, we gave a kick-off presentation in a creative studio, introducing our working method, ideas and first clients. Working on the spot in De Batterijstraat Maastricht, we wrote three compelling texts from neighbors around who shared an interesting perspective on death with us (read Texts Clients).



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