For my graduation project I researched the balance between sexiness and empowerment in female nightlife clothing. My research started with the question: ‘Is female nakedness in nightlife clothing a result of sexualization or female empowerment?’

 I dove into the history of unclothing, the growth of new feminism, and the use of nakedness as a tool for either protest or attraction. Engaging into highly revealing sceneries, the nightlife of Amsterdam and of Rio de Janeiro, I concluded that my vision on contemporary femininity is a fusion of both places and their characteristics. Whereas Amsterdam is trying to re-incorporate femininity into feminism, Rio is striving for more social equality within their sensual culture: both are longing for a balance between sexiness and empowerment. 

The balance and combination of the terms is the core of this work: the visualization of the sensual feminist, the combination of Amsterdam and Rio. This idea is translated into a nightlife clothing collection, presented by an immersive performance, a magazine and expo. 

Presented at international fashion platform FashionClash Maastricht 2017 

Made in collaboration with:

Nine Parre - Deniece Clermonts - Emma Haniotis Riccetto - Aziza Prameswara - Vanessa Ntinu - Donique May - Bo Oudendijk - Cedric Wiegel - Raphael Becking - &many other passionate artists!

Video by Martin Snoek & Brian Duchateau

"I hope this project will inspire young women, artists and designers in their consciousness

regarding exposure, and together try to build on the image of the sensual feminist, both sexy

and empowered."

Photos by Team Peter Stigter


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