“Stand Your Ground for an inclusive fashion and art industry.

Walk on forbidden territory.

Peek Behind the Scenes.”

Stand Your Ground is a cultural collective based on interdisciplinary collaboration between fashion, dance, visuals, sound and film. The collective was an initiative of fashion designer Nine Parre, who pared up with choreographer Jinko Adams and art director Raya van der Kroon to broaden the access of the fashion world and present her sustainable collection in a different context. Focusses on cultural diversity, connectivity and the ‘behind the scenes’ of the creative industry, the collective created a performance that showcased at different venues, to eventually launch its own event in an old Amsterdam jail (BijlmerBajes). Set in the decor of a life-size peepshow, we lead our audience through the 5 different artistic disciplines and making processes involved, in the Dressingroom, Studio, House of Rehearsal, Dancefloor and Sound Stationto end up in a collective performance.​


Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week Amsterdam 2019

BijlmerBajes Amsterdam 2020

In The Picture Festival, Bijlmer Parktheater 2020


Nine Marin Parre


Jinko Adams


Raya van der Kroon​


Cedric Maurice Wiegel


Farah van Stokkum

Luc de Raad

Ainy Medina 

Wachi Vong

Comfort Kondehson

Genaro Blanck

Fiona Dekkers

Tosca Knauf

Jinko Adams


AFK – Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten Project Fund

Bijlmer Bajes

Smurfit Kappa

De Nieuwe Oost

Villa Klein Heumen

"Really inspiring to see young creators work with the importance of connectivity, individuality, sustainability and creativity in ways that plant seeds for the future."

- Director of Performance Eduction, Bijlmer Parktheater

"Beautiful concept and performance! Had hours of after-talks and enjoyment."

- Director of Fashion Revolution NL

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