Aftermovie - Behind the Scenes of Stand Your Ground - May 18, 2019 @Bijlmerbajes


an initiative with Nine Parre & Jinko Adams

Stand Your Ground is a cultural collective based on interdisciplinary collaboration. Using fashion, dance, visuals and music, we research new work methods in order to organically combine disciplines and makers during the creative process that come together in a gesammtkunstwerk.

Stand Your Ground started with the first presentation of Nine’s latest fashion design collection at the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week, in oct. ’18. Ten professional dancers embodied and showcased the collection: an interdisciplinary show with concept designed sound, choreography and visuals. 

As Art Director of the collective I sought for the connectivity of all the disciplines presented, provided all the visual material in the form of illustrations and photography, and coordinated the production. “The most extravagant show was doubtlessly the one of Stand Your Ground” - the Amsterdam Fashion Week Report commented.


After this offspring we decided to produce our very own event and take the performance and clothing concepts to the next level. I became the producer and designer of an interactive festival, Behind the Scene of Stand Your Ground, that had its pre-exposure at the In The Picture festival in the Bijlmer Parktheater (March ’19), and final show in the former prison of Amsterdam, the Bijlmerbajes (May ’19). In collaboration with different sponsors and support - based on our successful pitch at ‘Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten - we were able to create an interactive Backstage tour and performance. Set in the decor of a life-size peepshow, we lead our audience through the 5 different artistic disciplines and making processes involved, in the Dressingroom, Studio, House of Rehearsal, Dancefloor and Sound Station. While the audience had their personal tours through the areas, they were playing the SYG card game, based on their identity and consumer choices. That resulted into their personal horoscopes and groups, that defined from which point they were going to see the performance afterwards, wherein all previous disciplines fused.

“Stand Your Ground for an inclusive fashion and art industry.

Walk on forbidden territory.

Peek Behind the Scenes.”

"Beautiful concept and performance! Had hours of after-talks and enjoyment."

- Director of Fashion Revolution NL

"What an experience! Thank you all. Enjoyed every minute of it!"

- Director of Youth Theatre School in Amsterdam South-East JTSZO

"Really inspiring to see young creators work with the importance of connectivity, individuality, sustainability and creativity in ways that plant seeds for the future."

- Professional coach

Behind the Scenes of Stand Your Ground - May 18, 2019 @Bijlmerbajes

photo's by Marion Visser

In The Picture festival - Opening show, March 22, 2019 @ Bijlmer Parktheater

photo's by Marion Visser

Compilation of performance at Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week

Oct. 2018, De Hallen Amsterdam

Stand Your Ground team-video

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