Metamorphosis describes itself in biology as “the process of great and usually sudden change of form during transformation, from an immature stage to an adult stage” (Merriam Webster, 2020).

Weirdo is a visual collection that aims for the metamorphosis of our childhood insecurities. 

As the cells in our body completely renew themselves every 7 to 10 years, we become a new version of ourselves. Where we all act as physical shapeshifters, ‘Weirdo’ wants to highlight the mental change of shaping our personhood, by looking at what made us feel weird during our childhood and turning that into something beautiful.

Weirdo is a collection of different works, a visual diary explored in multiple digital and physical forms; from photo series honoring our mothers, to nostalgic self-portraits, including empowering posters, videos, ‘weirdo’ motion graphics, face filters, secrete anecdotes and soothing poetry.



Raya van der Kroon

Lucie Lazarus


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