Groeten uit Wyckerpoort! was an iArts project in collaboration with the Dear Hunters (architect duo Marlies Vermeulen & Remy Kroese - see / ). For this project I tracked or mapped all physical borders I could find in the area Wyckerpoort: a part of Maastricht located between its main borders the A2 and the train station. By collecting and photographing all borders that physically stopped me from proceding in public space, I made a cathegorisation from natural objects, to stopping roads, from fences to walls. I found 86 of them. After selecting a few of the main obstacles of the neighborhood, I looked at how drawing could intervene and possibly transform the space in order for it to have meaning again. What if we started dancing on the fences? Picked flowers in forgotten areas?
I turned these ideas into postcards to let our audience send their ideas and experiences of the area to friends or family, in order to reconnect this neighborhood with the outside world and break its borders!

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